Use “The Switch Witch” for a healthier Halloween

Here’s a little tip to get your kids to give up their Halloween candy…

Meet the Switch Witch. She even has her own poem!


“Have you heard of the Switch Witch, who loves Halloween?

She comes for the Halloween candy, left after trick or treating!

She’s the nicest but sneakiest witch of her kind,

She swipes up candies and sweets and leaves presents behind! 

She swoops from doorstep to doorstep on a long violet broom –

Her black cat rides on the back since there’s plenty of room.

She keeps all her magic in her tall skinny hat

She trades you and then she flies off! Just like that! 

So take your leftover candy, set it out by the door,

and in the morning you’ll find what she traded you for!”


We first learned about the Switch Witch a few years ago. As the poem suggests, the night after trick-or-treating, have your kids set their candy by the door and after they go to bed, you swap it out for a toy they want, tickets to a movie or concert, or basically any non-candy item they’d like!

This means they get double the fun of Halloween – not only trick-or-treating but also a surprise gift when they wake up the next morning.

Pretty awesome, right?

We hope this helps your family have a healthy (and happy!) Halloween.

PS – We know some people encourage you to donate the candy but since candy isn’t really food and no one actually benefits from eating it, we say it’s okay to toss it!


Reference: www.insider.com/how-much-sugar-the-average-kid-consumes-on-halloween-2017-10

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