The Fastest Way to Burn Fat Without Cravings, Willpower, or Magic Pills, and Never Give Up Wine Or Chocolate Again!



You're doing your best: eating healthy & getting exercise in when you can but it doesn't seem to matter. The number on the scale isn't going down... it's going up.

PROBLEM: You keep gaining weight and you have no idea why.

Let us tell you something very, very important. It's not your lack of commitment or willpower. It's the "healthy" food that you're eating + the time wasted on the wrong type of exercise.

You are literally creating the perfect storm of weight gain and you need to stop (more on this later).

This is what we know about you:

  • You do your best to eat lightly but you're really hungry and just don’t have the willpower to be good day in and day out. Especially by about 9pm.
  • You've wasted money on gym memberships, spending what feels like hours on the damn elliptical. It just makes you tired & hungry.
  • You actually hold your breath every time you zip up a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a bit and say a silent prayer that they still do up.
  • You just feel really uncomfortable in your own skin-if you look too closely you don’t recognize yourself, so you avoid mirrors. You also avoid changing in front of anyone else, no matter how non-judgemental they are.

We all have insecurities but weight is one of the hardest to shake. You can't leave it at home, hide it under makeup or cover it up. It’s always there in plain sight, ready to pop up in the WORST situations (like the changing room of your favorite store. We've all been there: changing room meltdowns are the WORST).

It’s exhausting to keep trying and failing and you get so sick of dieting. You slowly build up layer after layer of indifference. You tell yourself you don’t care (but of course you do).

Because it’s not JUST your weight or your reflection in the mirror. It’s not even how you feel naked. The truth is, aside from the way you LOOK it’s also about the way you FEEL.

You’re exhausted. You feel like crap from the time you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, until you crawl back in at night and try desperately to get to sleep. You LIVE off of coffee & soda (anything with caffeine), hit a complete WALL by 3 o’clock and CONSTANTLY crave food like chocolate, cheese, chips & muffins.

Your body aches in places you didn’t know existed, while your moods are all over the place and you walk around with a mini pharmacy in your purse (Advil, Zantac, Tums, etc, etc, etc). You’re also so bloated some mornings that your pants literally won’t zip up.

Whenever you try to make a change and start going to the gym, you feel like everyone is judging you (or you're judging yourself) for not being in shape.  It's embarrassing, plus it doesn't work, so you stop going.

Listen - we know you’re telling yourself exactly the opposite but THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

There is NO SHAME in trying to lose weight to feel confident and sexy again.

We know you’ve done this before. That you used to get EXCITED about every new ‘diet’ or shake, really believing that this was it.

You definitely didn’t become a cynic overnight.

But it did happen and now you're stuck: skeptical of every new ‘miracle’ diet (and you should be).

You're afraid of investing in another program and failing, but even more afraid of continuing to gain more weight.

It’s embarrassing to fail publicly, over and over again (especially if you’re a high achiever like us), and that’s what it feels like you’re doing when you work this hard at something and never see any real change.

In spite of stressing out over everything you eat, skipping breakfasts (and the occasional lunch) and living off of coffee or smoothies, PLUS spending what feels like hours doing cardio, your weight just won’t go down.

If only you could be one of those women who carries their extra weight in the hips or the bum. But no, you have to carry yours right around your belly where it’s the hardest to hide (there’s a reason for that and it’s NOT just genetics).


First of all this isn't just random.

Fact: We learned that you can’t lose weight if your blood sugar is a mess, your hormones are completely out of whack, and your body is holding on to EVERY SINGLE POUND (plus adding more monthly) NO MATTER HOW LITTLE YOU EAT.

Fact: The LESS you eat while on a diet the LESS energy your body burns every day (it’s called self preservation) and the MORE you crave unhealthy junk foods (because you’re creating blood sugar issues). It’s not a case of willpower.

Willpower will never win against blood sugar and hormones.

Fact: Trying to fight biology is why diets fail. It’s not you. It’s not your lack of commitment or willpower. It’s the food that you’re eating and the way that you’re eating it. To fix it you don’t need a miracle diet or the newest magic pill. You DEFINITELY don’t need to count every calorie and make yourself miserable.

Fact: Hitting the gym and doing all the cardio doesn't work for fat loss. Sure it's good for your heart. That's why it's called cardio.

Introducing the


A simple way of eating for women who just want to lose weight and keep it off.

No B.S. No counting calories. No magic pills or restrictive dieting.

No spending a small fortune on a gym membership or expensive equipment. No carving hours out of your already jam packed day to exercise.

Best of all? No going to bed hungry or having shakes for breakfast.

Just real food, actual fat loss, and the most liberating feeling ever of NOT craving carbs & feeling like total crap all afternoon.

YES, I'm Ready!

Burn fat & lose weight without deprivation, cravings, or willpower.


Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hi, We are Melaina & Amybeth, co-founders of MELAMY Total Body Wellness. We created the 12-WEEK RAPID FAT LOSS PROGRAM because we got so sick of weight loss & wellness being all about kale salads with no mention of wine & chocolate.

Our mission is simple and it's something that we are wholeheartedly passionate about.

We teach women who just want to lose weight and cut through the B.S., a simple way of eating that works.


Knowing what foods actually work FOR your metabolism and not against it (hint: it's DEFINITELY not what you think).

Getting dressed in the morning without scrutinizing your outfit from every angle to make sure it's not showcasing your worst features.

Having a glass of wine or chocolate without feeling guilty or 'blowing your diet'.

Going through a day WITHOUT stressing out about what to eat or when.

Cutting calories doesn't work. All those ‘miracle diets’ aren’t taking into account the fact that a calorie is NOT just a calorie. Different foods are processed by your body in VERY different ways, and they can cause either more fat storage or they can help you burn it off.

When You Eat & Digest Food, the energy from that food (in the form of sugar) is sent into your blood. Once your body detects that sugar, insulin is sent into your blood to pick up the sugar and deliver it to the working muscles. Problem is, if the muscles aren’t working (ie. you're sitting at your desk, or on the couch), insulin then happily stores that energy as fat.

Here’s The Important Part. Different foods send different amounts of energy (sugar) into your blood. Some send it all very quickly while others spread it out over time.  When too much sugar is sent into your blood all at once, too much insulin is released which takes all that sugar out and ends up storing it as fat.

Now Your Blood Sugar Is Too LOW. This causes you to crave MORE of the fast digesting, sugar flooding foods to bring it back up quickly. This is the vicious blood sugar cycle you’re stuck in right now and it’s why you can’t actually lose fat and why you keep craving the bad stuff.

Stress Works The Very Same Way. It causes high blood sugar, then low blood sugar and intense carb cravings, all the while storing that extra energy as FAT (usually right around your belly).

This Is Why We're Offering the


In it we'll teach you how to balance your blood sugar, avoid carb cravings and banish stress eating, all while you start losing fat and keep it off.

Using this strategy you literally CANNOT help but burning fat and increasing energy daily.

Balanced blood sugar is the key to fat loss.

Not only will we teach you exactly what to eat to STOP that wicked cycle, you'll also have full accountability, motivation & support to actually implement these changes so you literally CANNOT fail.

We'll also give you the custom designed fat burning exercises that will take your fat loss to the next level.

Did We Mention This Program Is Risk Free?

Not sure if the 12-WEEK RAPID FAT LOSS PROGRAM is right for you? Try the entire program risk free!

From the time you order, you have 2 weeks to try it out. If you don't notice a difference, just let us know—you’ll get your money back! Just send us completed food journals showing you followed the program for a full 2 weeks in the free app My Fitness Pal.

You owe it to yourself to try the 12-WEEK RAPID FAT LOSS PROGRAM risk free right now! You won’t pay a penny if it doesn’t work.

Ready to say HECK YES!!?

Curious what happens next?

First you'll receive your welcome email! You’ll download the guidebook and start with our program that sets that stage for a smooth transition into fat burning heaven.

Stage 2 is all about flipping that metabolic switch from sugar burning to fat burning.  You'll receive everything you need to do so you literally cannot fail.  We'll give you meal plans, foods lists, snack ideas, supplement guides and more so everything is a no-brainer and all you have to do is follow the plug and play instructions.

You’ll get all of the tools so you know how to eat in any situation. We’ll teach you how to eat out, what to order at your favorite restaurants (yes-even fast food). We'll also give you our top strategies to blast through fat loss plateaus so you can keep going long after these 12 weeks are over.

Plus-when you sign up NOW you'll also get this Bonus:

Access to our private client only Facebook Group. This is the MOST valuable bonus and honestly, the BEST part of the whole program.

You'll become a part of this amazing community of women who are all working towards the same goal.  You have access to allllll of the support, motivation and accountability day or night so failure won't be an option.

We'll also hang out there at least once a day to provide encouragement, support and answer any questions as they come along.

The value of having a community of like minded women to call on PLUS daily access to pick our brains?  We value this at $297 but it’s worth so much more! This is your secret weapon and the reason you can’t fail.

With the 12-WEEK RAPID FAT LOSS PROGRAM, we are empowering you to take control & take charge of your body. Learn the foods that actually fuel your metabolism and balance your blood sugar. Learn how to incorporate the other foods as treats.

That’s the difference between this time and every single other diet you’ve ever tried. They weren’t about YOU or YOUR body. They weren’t even about actual food. The MELAMY Method is. You’ll start fueling your body with the foods you actually need (not what you THINK you need) to get results.

Reset Your Body RISK FREE!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Not sure if the MELAMY Method is right for you? Try the entire program risk free! From the time you order, you have 2 weeks to try it out. If you don't notice a difference after the first 10 days or if you go the full 14 days and don’t feel like a new you, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let me know—you’ll get your money back!  Just send us completed food journals showing you followed the program for a full 2 weeks in the free app My Fitness Pal. You owe it to yourself to try the MELAMY Method risk free right now! You won’t pay a penny if it doesn’t work.

Don’t Put Off The Body & The Confidence You Deserve Any Longer. Start the 12-WEEK RAPID FAT LOSS PROGRAM Right Now Risk Free & Say Goodbye To Rabbit Food Forever!

YES, I'm Ready!

Burn fat & lose weight without deprivation, cravings, or willpower.



Fat Loss Guide + 12 Week Path To Success Handbook

Your complete guide so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. This makes fat loss a no brainer.

Meal Plans, Recipes, Food Lists & Worksheets

This is it! You'll receive a complete fat loss plan.  You'll get specific meal plans with simple recipes, plus lists of foods to eat all of the time and foods to stay away from.  Again-this makes fat loss a total no brainer.

PLUS Support & Accountability

When you join today, you’ll also become a member of our private Facebook Group (only for those running through our programs). This exclusive community will support and encourage your progress, PLUS you'll get access to us to ask questions and have them answered either LIVE or written in the group.

Specific Strategies To Overcome Any Roadblock

You'll have access to all of our strategies such as intermittent fasting and carbing up. This lets you work through any weight loss plateaus with ease.

You'll also learn how to eat out without derailing your progress and essential travel tips.

Stop Eating 'Healthy' & Exercising Like Crazy Today & Start Seeing Actual Weight Loss.

You're Perfect For This If:

  • You can't seem to get rid of your belly fat no matter what diet you try or pill you buy and you're crazy bloated.
  • You need accountability and support because you can't do it on your own
  • You want to figure out what foods you NEED to be eating going forward, and the ones to stay away from.
  • You're sick of all the diet B.S. and you want to be empowered NOT restricted.
  • You're tired of spending hours doing cardio and not seeing any results.

You Might Not Want To Enrol If:

  • You enjoy depriving yourself and don't mind dieting OR you already know exactly how to eat to feel vibrant & well (and your weight is exactly where you want it).
  • You don't have an internet connection (or access to one).
  • You have medical issues that prevent you from changing the way you eat (of course you should consult your health practitioner before starting ANY new diet or exercise regime).
  • You are a vegan (while this program is packed full of vegan food, this is not a vegan program).

YES, I'm Ready!

Burn fat & lose weight without deprivation, cravings, or willpower.

Have questions? Here are our FAQ

Yes I'm interested. What happens next?
+ -

First of all-yay! That's so exciting! Once you click the BUY NOW button you'll be taken over to our secure server to complete your purchase. You will receive a welcome email with your next steps so watch your inbox! You'll have everything you need to start immediately and you can go at your own pace. We'll just be an email away if you have any questions at all (and we'll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where we hang out and help our clients run through a program).

How much time will this take? I'm already overextended as it is.
+ -

The recipes are easy. They don't require you to spend hours in the kitchen working with complicated hard to find foods-who's got time for that?

Will I be starving?
+ -

Not with this program! Not only will you eat real food, you'll eat plenty of it. Plus you'll be eating formerly forbidden foods like butter, beef, and eggs.

Do I have to shop at specialty health food stores?
+ -

Nope. Regular grocery stores (even Walmart) will work work just fine. Yep, grabbing a rotisserie chicken on the way home from work is definitely still an option.

What if I have a question? Do you provide any support?
+ -

You can definitely ask us questions-that's what the Facebook group is all about. We'll get back to any questions within 12-48 hours and will ALWAYS support you.

Do I have to cook everyday?
+ -

Not if you don't want to. Look, we both live busy lives and we're lucky to spend 25 minutes on dinner. The recipes we'll provide you with can be made ahead (yay, batch cooking) or made super quickly. We'll also teach you how to eat out without killing your blood sugar and feeling awful afterwards. The point is you can tailor this program to your lifestyle. It's not about having to eat specific meals at specific times - it's learning HOW to eat so you can control your blood sugar, balance your hormones, and stop storing fat. That's it.

Do I have to eat all organic?
+ -

Nope. We'd love for you to do that and you definitely can but your success doesn't hinge on it. Organic is an important topic, but it's not what this program is about. We'll be happy to talk you through it and help you make up your own mind though.

What kind of food will I be eating?
+ -

Honestly, regular food like meats, fish, veggies, avocados, butter, etc. No 'diet' food is involved in this program.

YES, I'm Ready!

Burn fat & lose weight without deprivation, cravings, or willpower.

MelAmy 18-mile tune-up 2016

Let's do this together!

We know we don't know each other yet, and we know your struggle is your own but we want you to know that we get you. We know how truly lonely it feels to be uncomfortable and unhappy in your own body. We've been there.

We promise you this - if you take the first step with us, you won't be taking the next step alone, and you won't regret it for one second.

We can't wait to see you inside the program!

xo, Melaina & Amybeth

Melaina & Amybeth, MELAMY Total Body Wellness